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Moscow Mule Fact Sheet

Moscow Mule Fact Sheet

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Why the hype?

Vintage Cocktails are making a huge comeback, the Moscow Mule is one of these American classics. The drink is credited for bringing vodka to the U.S. market. This crisp light drink is sure to impress your guests & patrons every time.

What’s in it?

4 oz Ginger beer, 1/2 oz lime juice, and 2 oz vodka

Bar tools needed?

Juicer, Bar Spoon (Modern Mixologist Professional Bar Tools)

Served in?

Moscow Mule Hammered Copper Mug Plain

There are 3 quality levels of copper Moscow mules mugs out there. The cheapest is not copper at all, but stainless steel plated with copper on the outside. This version is light and cheap... under 10 bucks. You'll note that the plating is often a bit messy around the lip and handle... you might stay away from this one.

The second type is made from a thin layer of copper and then washed with nickel on the interior so that your drink doesn't taste like a penny. It's better then the first one above, but still not what the pro's use.

The best quality moscow mule mug has two layers of metal.... copper on the outside and stainless steel on the inside. This version is heavy and has a solid feel to it. The copper is typically coated with a light sealant that will wear over time and form a wonderful patina.

Ours is the best quality... of course.


Tony Abou-Gamin, "Fill a copper Moscow Mule mug with cracked ice, add vodka, lime juice, and ginger beer. Stir and garnish with spent lime shell."

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