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Glass Swing Top Bottles

Clear swing top containers are the choice du jour for water service in restaurants and bars. They’re relatively lightweight and easy to carry, they can hold a lot of liquid and they’re simple and humble in appearance. Mixology Depot’s selection is low-cost but high quality, which means you can confidently pick out a pack of swing bottles in a round or square shape—whatever matches your aesthetic. They’re great for use at home too!

If you’re storing or refrigerating liquids, swing tops are an excellent option. It’s important to have air-tight bottles for water and wine to avoid allowing any particles from the atmosphere to add undesirable flavors. The sturdy swing top is durable and can also help to keep little fingers out of your stash! All in all, swing bottles are a cost-effective and attractive serving solution. Equip your bar with several of these affordable serving vessels today.

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17 oz Swing Bottle (case of 12) 34 oz Giara Bottle (case of 20) 34 oz Moresca Bottle (case of 20)
34 oz Swing Bottle (case of 20) 8 1/2 oz Swing Bottle (case of 28) Quattro Stagioni Jar 5 oz (case of 12)
Swing Top Flask Bottle - 17 oz (case of 30) Swing Top Flask Bottle - 8.5oz (case of 30)
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