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Glasses for Red or White Wine

Choosing the right wine glasses can be a difficult process. Even though the different styles seem to be fairly similar upon first glance, the subtle differences are not so subtle when it comes to the taste and feel of an expensive wine. However, it is hard to go wrong when you choose all-purpose wine glasses from us here at Mixology Depot. Our multipurpose wine glass sets include six pieces, and the glasses range in size from 15 ounces to 20 ounces.

Large wine glasses are often used by restaurants for both red and white wines because they are extremely versatile, but when you order smaller wine glasses, you have the option of traditional or stemless. You may choose from several designs, including the Optima, Martina, Electra and Invitation. We also offer hand-blown glasses with a retro design, such as the Gatsby. In addition to wine, our all-purpose stemware is also available for cognac.

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Rona 8 oz Wine Glass 15 1/2 oz Stemless Bordeaux (case of 24) 15 1/4 oz Edition Wine Glass (case of 24)
15 oz Electra Multipurpose (case of 24) 15 oz Electra Wine (case of 24) 15 oz Invitation Wine Glass (case of 24)
15 oz Stemless Burgundy (case of 24) 16 oz Premium Shiraz (case of 12) 16 oz Riserva Barolo (case of 24)
16 oz Stemless Bordeaux Tumbler (case of 24) 17 1/4 oz Artist Wine Glass (case of 24) 17 oz Riserva (Nadia) Nebbiolo (case of 24)
18 1/2 oz Electra Wine (case of 24) 18 1/2 oz Invitation Bordeaux Wine Glass (case of 24) 18 1/2 oz Martina Wine Stem (case of 24)
18 oz Restaurant Red Wine (case of 12) 18 oz Riserva Bordeaux (case of 24) 18 oz Riserva Cognac (case of 24)
19 3/4 oz Rona Grand Vin  Wine Stem (case of 24) 20 oz All Purpose Ultimate Wine Glass (case of 24) 20 oz Premium Chardonnay (case of 12)
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