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Glass & Crystal Wine Decanters

Wine lovers know that properly aerating a fine wine before serving is a vital part of the imbibing process. Not only does transferring the wine from the bottle to a new container help to separate the sediment found in older wines; pouring also allows the wine to mix with oxygen, bringing out more complex flavors and subtlety. New wines poured into wine aerators can be left to develop for as long as a couple of hours before serving, whereas older wines have likely already taken on some complexity and should be decanted just before serving.

Aside from the wonders that aeration can do for wine (especially reds), the items in our collection can also be used as whiskey and cognac decanters for similar flavor improvements. Each of our large serving decanters is expertly crafted and offers easy handling and pouring. Choose one today and start serving better tasting wine!

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54 1/2  oz Electra Wine Decanter (case of 4) 65 oz Premium Decanter (case of 2)
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